Griffin International


Who We Are

Griffin International undertakes projects in the Middle East and Africa by providing consultancy and services in Construction, Energy Services, Medical Diagnostics, Renewable Energy, Information Technology and Logistics including border controls, identity systems, hardware and software support.


Griffin International provides specialist assistance to professionals working in security and border control consistency - a key focus of many countries in Western Asia and East Africa. Our multi-lingual and highly skilled team carries out projects in environments as challenging and diverse as Iraq, Afghanistan and Kenya. Griffin International Ltd, was established in 1992 and has a track record of successfully delivering solutions in hardship countries and remote areas in West Asia and East Africa. From our head office in Yemen, and branches in Dubai and Kenya, Griffin International has managed security contracts in Yemen, Dubai, Iraq, Kenya, Tanzania, Djibouti, Zambia, and Uganda. Current clients include governments and security-conscious multinationals. Griffin International, a CISCO Partner, operates as both a security systems integrator and developer, and a hardware/software provider. We provide turn-key solutions, including security and secure document printing, security system integration, design and development, networking, hardware supply consultancy, support and training. Our highly motivated team continues to provide a premium level of professional support after the initial development and installation. Griffin International Ltd has developed strong partnerships with primary security IT hardware suppliers, including Hewlett-Packard, Diletta, and Dell. Premium complementary products and services have also been sourced from industry leaders such as Oracle, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, G&D, ESET, Accu-Time Systems, CISCO and 3Com.

Griffin International Ltd continues to acquire high-tech IT and Security solutions through our supplier relationships. We also purchase existing security companies and develop our own software applications. Current applications in the final stages of development include: - Personal ID Issue system with biometrics - Travel Documents Issue system with biometrics - Access Control System, utilizing biometrics and CCTV - Attendance Control System, utilizing biometrics and CCTV - Payroll and Personnel System - Inventory Control using RFID technology

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