Ethics & Business Conduct

Ethics & Business Conduct

Griffin Ltd., since its establishment in 1997, as an equal opportunity employer, has always been committed to doing business in compliance with local and international law and with strong ethical principles throughout it's operations worldwide.

Griffin group of companies operates throughout the world, in various cultural environments, thus all employees shall fully respect local laws, traditions and cultural values.

Integrity is one of the most valuable assets a company can possess. Griffin's reputation has been built over many years and is dependent on the integrity and sense of responsibility.

The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics sets out basic principles for all mangers, officers and employees to follow in fulfilling their responsibilities, daily duties and to conduct themselves accordingly.

All personnel are obligated to help enforce the code of Ethics and Business Conduct. If you become aware of a potential violation, you must report that fact by contacting Griffin's Executive Vice President, or utilize this email address: WhistleBlower .

Griffin Ltd. will not allow any retaliation against you for reporting a potential violation of the Ethics and Business Conduct in good faith. Reports of a violation will be investigated promptly and the matter will be treated, to the extent possible, as confidential.

More information on Griffin's Ethics and Business Conduct can be found in the supplement to the Employees Manual document, page No.5 - section: 1-04 Business Ethics and Conduct