Griffin Logistics


Who We Are

Griffin Logistics is an ISO 9001: 2000 certified shipping and logistics company providing transport, customs clearance and warehousing for our key clients.


We specialize in shipping to and from Yemen for both private clients, business and heavy industry and we take responsibility for shipments from the point of origin to the client's final destination. Consider us if your needs include:

- Shipping, trans-shipping and storage
- Customs clearance and bonding
- Bank guarantees for temporary imports

We are affiliated to TIACA and FIATA, providing international customers with peace of mind, security and independent verification of our performance.

For more information please see: Griffin Logistics Company Profile

Company Contact Details:

Haddah Street - FedEx Building, Sana'a, Yemen - P.O.Box 15079
Tel: + 967 1 440 170 - Warehouse Tel: +967 1 454 461 - Fax: +967 1 440 162 - Email